Road Construction and Road Surfacing in Worthing | How Does a Paving Machine Work?

Investment into the industry’s most innovative plant and machinery has made Pegley Groundworks Ltd a trusted choice for road construction, surface dressing and the installation of tarmac driveways. Our skilled road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors can offer services to the domestic, commercial, industrial and civil engineering sectors. The use of Bitelli paving machines ensures a professionally finished job that will last for years.

Worthing is one of many Surrey and West Sussex areas covered by the team at Pegley Groundworks Ltd, originally established as far back as 1979.

This page explains how we use paving machines for road construction and surface dressing works. To use one, you must receive advanced levels of training and have the approval of an authorised body. Our road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors have excellent credentials.

Paving machines are ideal on large-scale industrial and civil engineering works but will generally be much too big to use for laying tarmac driveways. They can, however, be of major benefit to car park construction in Worthing.

Starting Out

When starting a road construction, road surfacing or surface dressing project, the operator must make sure the brakes have been released. The team at Pegley Groundworks Ltd make this their first step because, with the brakes left on, it puts strain on the machinery. Also, previously laid sections of road can begin to tear because of friction. This is a highly important thing to remember.

Checks should also be made to ensure there is enough release agent, such as diesel, to clean the paving machine’s components as the job progresses.

Screeding and Levelling

Our road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors must heat up the screeding and levelling components before continuing with a road construction or surface dressing project in Worthing. With electric paving machinery, it is a simple matter of turning the screed on. With a propane paving machinery, we light burners on the extensions and the main screed.

We then pause until the screed’s bottom reaches at least 250°C.

Start Pads, Augers and Conveyors

To continue levelling an industrial or civil engineering project in Worthing, we must determine the overall depth of the groundworks and the top surface. Once calculated, road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors can build a start pad and lower the screed onto it to start paving. Transfer machines and paver trucks put materials into the paving machine as it goes.

We must have the conveyors on when surfacing, but our operators must also remember to turn off the auger and paver just before the stopping point.

Prospective industrial and civil engineering clients in Worthing won’t need to know everything about our plant and machinery, but it sometimes helps to have some prior knowledge so that our own work doesn’t interfere with other onsite operations. Pegley Groundworks Ltd has an excellent reputation for keeping clients informed through solid communication, and for the strong working relationships we build with other contractors working on your behalf.

And, because we also lay tarmac driveways, our long-established company can also meet the needs of private customers from the domestic sector.

For road construction, surface dressing and tarmac driveways in Worthing, call Pegley Groundworks Ltd on 01403 700 754 or 07860 558 199.