Road Construction in Brighton from Local Tarmacadam Contractors | The Impact of Potholes

A sudden change to driving characteristics is an obvious concern to any motorist. For civil engineering companies, it could be indicative of potholes and the need for surface dressing. The road surfacing contractors at Pegley Groundworks Ltd can assist your maintenance and repair projects in Brighton. Domestic services include the design and construction of tarmac driveways. Because we also specialise in road construction, you can rely on us for road surfacing and repairs as a time-served team of tarmacadam contractors.

Potholes can cause damage to tyres and a car’s braking and suspension. A local authority or a highways company will usually have a civil engineering company or two in their network of road surfacing contractors.

When these businesses subcontract surface dressing work to a groundworks company in the Brighton area, we are often the team that they call.

Potholes and Their Impact on Cars

The impact of a pothole will depend on its depth and where a car hits it. In some cases, a motorist might get away with a small chip in the paintwork. If we look at the worst-case scenario, however, a car can suffer major damage to the wheels and tyres, the suspension system and even the windows. The increased number of potholes in UK roads can often cause drivers to swerve around them and this presents a new series of dangers related to car control.

Tarmacadam contractors specialise in domestic, commercial, industrial and civil engineering work. One week, they can be laying tarmac driveways at residential properties in Brighton. The next, they could be working on a road construction project. Often, streetworks will involve surface dressing.

The Impact of Pegley Groundworks Ltd on Potholes

In a dual capacity of surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors, we can combine our road construction and road surfacing skills to repair potholes anywhere in Brighton, Surrey or West Sussex. We can combine our experience in groundworks with the skills of a talented team that undergoes CSCS and National Road and Safety Works training. This makes us a perfect choice for surface dressing on roads, dual carriageways and motorways.

We have our own plant and machinery, and the ability to manage pothole repair projects from concept to completion. Our collaboration with the main contractor on any road surfacing project, and our management of the job specification, has earned us an excellent reputation with civil engineering companies in Brighton. You can only imagine how proud this makes us feel.

If you thought that we were all about tarmac driveways and nothing more, think again! Pegley Groundworks Ltd is an end-to-end service provider.

For road construction and surface dressing services in Brighton, call Pegley Groundworks Ltd on 01403 700 754 or 07860 558 199.