Road Surfacing and Surface Dressing in Godalming | Highway Maintenance and Upkeep

Our private customers, and those across the commercial, industrial and civil engineering sectors, will agree with our road surfacing and tarmacadam contractors on one thing; that roads are the heartbeat of the UK’s modern infrastructure. Road construction and surface dressing are important to the upkeep of this infrastructure, and Pegley Groundworks Ltd plays one of the most instrumental roles in highway maintenance. Very few surfacing and tarmacadam contractors can match us for knowledge or experience.

We also serve homeowners in Godalming and the surrounding areas with the planning, design and construction of stylish tarmac driveways.

With transportation levels at an all-time high, we seem to be victims of our own commercial success and road surfacing standards are at an all-time low. This puts the road construction and surface dressing services of Pegley Groundworks Ltd in high demand with regional civil engineering clients.

If you need services in Godalming from our road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors, our company would love to hear from you.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Anybody who has driven on UK roads in recent years will know they are in a bad condition. Potholes make driving especially perilous and can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to a car when struck. We can offer the maintenance and upkeep civil engineering infrastructures need through a groundwork, road construction and surface dressing service that makes travelling safer for private motorists and those who drive commercial vehicles.

Pegley Groundworks Ltd also makes life safer for those who might need fire-fighting or medical services in Godalming when an emergency occurs.

For homeowners, we also repair and resurface tarmac driveways.

Road maintenance work falls under the jurisdiction of the local authority for the area in question, or with a highway agency. Road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors can work on behalf of both, delivering comprehensive packages which also cover earthworks and groundworks.

Improving Road Conditions

We can undertake road construction, road surfacing and surface dressing as a trained team with CSCS cards and qualifications in National Road and Safety Works. Local authorities and highway agencies have a responsibility for civil engineering infrastructures in Godalming. Things could be worse than they are already without them having our road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors available to lend them both a helping hand.

If you need a genuine groundworks specialist for services in Surrey and West Sussex, we are here to help you too. And, because Pegley Groundworks Ltd also has a firm footing in the domestic sector, pardon the pun, you can also have tarmac driveways laid in a choice of styles, colours and edged finishes.

Call today to arrange site surveys and consultations in the Godalming area.

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