Road Construction and Tarmac Driveways in Chichester | Drying Times for Tarmacadam

Domestic customers with an interest in tarmac driveways, and commercial and civil engineering companies in need of groundwork, road construction and surface dressing services can have their needs and requirements met by a single business. Pegley Groundworks Ltd is an established company with a team of road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors. We can lay just about anything in tarmac, either as a new or resurfaced installation.

We are often called out to prepare, lay, maintain or repair tarmac surfaces in Chichester. It isn’t uncommon for any road with heavy amounts of traffic to deteriorate quickly and, with infrastructures changing all the time, new road construction is in as much demand as services such as surface dressing.

Our road surfacing and tarmacadam contractors can deal with it all.

When we lay tarmac driveways and new roads, the most common question we hear as road surfacing contractors is how long things will take to dry.

Curing and Drying

A sizeable number of our customers and clients in Chichester look at curing and drying as one and the same thing. We usually expect tarmac to dry inside 72 hours, and this will be sufficient time for people to walk on a surface. If you drive on new road constructions after a civil engineering project, or on tarmac driveways after a domestic project, the weight of a vehicle could damage the surface. That’s why we always suggest waiting a little longer.

When tarmac appears dry, it is often the case that only the uppermost part of the surface has cured. Road surfacing, surface dressing and tarmacadam contractors recommend you wait for at least five days before driving or parking on a newly laid tarmac surface so that it can cure throughout.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the technical data behind tarmacadam, Pegley Groundworks Ltd, or our work in Chichester.

Tarmacadam in Hot and Cold Weather

Professional road surfacing contractors understand that weather conditions impact curing times. In overseas climates with temperatures above 32°C, road constructions and tarmac driveways can cure completely within a single day. In areas like Chichester, where average summer temperatures can be more than 10°C lower, leaving surfacing and surface dressing work to cure for at least the recommended five days is very strongly recommended.

Colder temperatures have a different impact on tarmac, which is why civil engineering projects in winter climates need longer timescales. In areas like Scotland, where temperatures average around 15°C, the curing process slows significantly, and tarmac will need heating so that it can fully set.

The tarmacadam contractors at Pegley can offer a complete groundwork, road construction and surface dressing service to include advice on the drying and curing times you should allow based on current conditions in the Chichester area. The moisture in rain can also affect overall curing times.

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