Road Surfacing | Quality Control and Testing from the Dependable Surfacing Contractors

Irrespective of whether we are working on behalf of clients in the domestic, commercial, industrial or civil engineering sectors, the quality of our road construction and surface dressing services comes first. Pegley Groundworks Ltd applies the same attention to detail on residential tarmac driveways as it does on major road surfacing projects. Our studious approach to business makes us a preferred choice for groundwork and surfacing in Horsham, and in all locations across the surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas.

When you choose Pegley, you benefit from the combined services of skilled road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors.

We have a strict series of quality control measures and tests which we use for all types of road construction and surface dressing work in Horsham. We find that customers and civil engineering companies demand high standards from our company, and our primary objective is to never let them down.

Asphalt Quality

Our road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors can undertake core removal tests after spreading tarmac and leaving it to dry. Their duty here is to determine random points for creating holes, which allows them to take mixture samples of the base and surface layers. We perform this test on road construction projects in the commercial field, and on tarmac driveways laid for residential customers. Both are equally important to our company.

One of the most important things we look for when checking asphalt quality in the Horsham area is that the aggregate size meets the job specification.

Field Density Tests

This is a quality control measure in road construction and surface dressing for testing finishes. Our road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors drill into a section of the compacted roadbed and fill the empty hole with sand. This is a particularly important test on industrial and civil engineering projects in Horsham. Pegley Groundworks Ltd determines volume based on the amount of sand that our contractors have used to fill up the hole.

We then divide the recovered roadbed by the predetermined volume. This gives us a compaction degree reading that tells us the material density.

Checking for Failure

With the roadbed exposed down to the groundwork, and prior to laying the tarmac mix, our road surfacing contractors and tarmacadam contractors complete a pull flooring test to check for instances of failure. We pass heavy plant and machinery over the aggregate and undertake a visual inspection to see if there are any potential issues with compaction. On domestic tarmac driveways, we can perform a similar test using our visual observation skills.

If we note defects in this stage of a road construction project in Horsham, it gives us an opportunity to address groundworks failure. If this happens, we simply remove the material and replace it with one that is more suitable.

To find out more about quality control measures, please contact us today.

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