Road Surfacing Works and Surface Dressing in Horsham, Midhurst and all Surrey and West Sussex Areas

Pegley Groundworks Ltd is the surfacing and surface dressing specialist with a skilled team that designs, constructs and maintains driveways, footpaths and paving. We also cover Surrey and West Sussex as road surfacing contractors, bringing decades of prior industry experience to projects. We bring the ideas of private homeowners to life on domestic works, but we can also help the construction and civil engineering sectors, and local authorities, to meet their responsibilities within pre-agreed timescales and specified budgets.

Pegley Groundworks Ltd offers bespoke services to suit all requirements and can cover a 20-mile radius of our home in Wisborough Green. Individual locations covered by our company include the Brighton, Chichester, Crawley, Godalming, Guildford, Horsham, Midhurst and Worthing areas.

From patching up potholes, edging and laying kerbs, to the construction of new roads on major civil engineering works, our road surfacing contractors and dressing specialists cover all aspects of preparing, constructing and finishing for a professional end-to-end service on agreeable terms.

Road Surfacing

With road surfacing, we understand the pressures that main contractors and subcontractors face with timings and restrictions. We want to assist other members of the trade with a committed, detailed and supported service that keeps the job moving smoothly until it reaches a successful conclusion.

Choose our surfacing contractors for the following:

  • Modern road construction services which include integration of bases, binder courses and surface courses
  • Regulating and overlaying dilapidated roads or car parks through our repair work and new surface courses
  • The use of mediums such as stone mastic asphalt, hot-rolled asphalt and bituminous macadam

Stone mastic asphalt is a recommended surfacing material for commercial, industrial or civil engineering projects which need us to surface residential roads and public highways. SMA is a dense, hardwearing material with coarse aggregates which bind to form stone skeleton structures. Our surfacing contractors fill voids in the structure using fine aggregates, mastics, binders and fillers which fully comply with current British Standards.

A combination of dense stone content, and open aggregate matrixes, gives strength for transmitting loads through the skeleton and not the mortar.

Our road surfacing contractors and surface dressing specialists have used SMA on a vast range of projects in Brighton, Chichester, Crawley, Godalming, Guildford, Horsham, Midhurst, Worthing and all Surrey and West Sussex areas.

Sand-based mixes of hot-rolled asphalt can deliver a strong, lasting surface on commercial, industrial and civil engineering projects including the construction of the UK’s major roads. High quantities of sand in the mix result in fewer air pockets after compaction. This is one of the most important contributing factors to the strength and imperviousness of HRA.

On rural roads, we pour PSV chippings into the hot material and embed them into the bitumen to form a product with more resistance to skids.

Contrastingly, we use bituminous macadam (bitmac) on residential works, new driveways and car parks. Through a mix of fillers, aggregates and bitumen, our team lays bitmac in a choice of consistencies. The choice of grade will depend on the eventual purpose of the application.

Grades include:

  • Open Graded
  • Medium Graded
  • Dense Grad

Our road surfacing contractors lay bases to depths of between 100mm and 250mm before adding binder courses with depths of between 50mm and 100mm. To finish, Pegley Groundwork Ltd spreads surface courses at thicknesses of between 20mm to 40mm. The eventual specification will be dependent on calculations for traffic loads on the finished surface.

Over small areas, we work using hand-laying techniques.

On large projects, we have Bitelli paving machines in our plant fleet. Our smaller machine can handle widths of between 1.7m and 3.2m. We use our larger paver on widths of between 2.4m to 4.7m. Our team compacts the surfacing materials with twin-drum rollers and compacting plates.

Please contact us for road surfacing services in Surrey and West Sussex.

Surface Dressing

Surface dressing plays a critical role in the maintenance and restoration of driveways, footpaths and road surfaces. Comparing with other maintenance procedures, surface dressing delivers outstanding results at a cost-effective price. Our road surfacing contractors use this procedure on any surface that shows instances of wear and tear, cracks, or low skid resistance levels. Our work restores and seals surfaces in a single procedure to extend lifespans and reduce the potential for further repairs heading into the years to come.

By reducing instances of skidding, frost heave and water ingress, our surface dressing work improves resilience over many years to give our domestic, commercial, industrial, civil engineering and local authority clients the best possible return on their initial outlay for all surface restoration works.

Before starting surface dressing projects in the Brighton, Chichester, Crawley, Godalming, Guildford, Horsham, Midhurst and Worthing areas, The Pegley Groundworks Ltd team establishes what the client needs. We calculate the expected load diligently so that our road surfacing contractors lay materials with sufficient strength. Our detailed calculations can have a major impact on chipping sizes as well as the rate at which we spread bitumen.

We can use all stone chipping types for surface dressing, to include:

  • White, Brown and Buff Gravel
  • Grey Granite and Red Quartzite
  • Grey Limestone
  • Dark Grey and Pink Granite Basa

Any groundwork services required are included in our quotations.

Our road surfacing contractors ensure finished surfaces aren’t impacted by loose chippings. On completion of a project, we clean up waste materials to leave behind a surface with firmly embedded chippings in the bitumen.

We can also offer demarcation services to clients including white lining.

For services in Horsham, Midhurst and the surrounding areas from time-served road surfacing contractors and surface dressing specialists, call 01403 700 754 or 07860 558 199.