Safety-Conscious Groundworks & Civil Engineering in Worthing

At Pegley Groundworks Ltd, we recognise that the services we provide as driveway and groundwork contractors in Worthing carry certain risks and dangers. With a range of heavy duty machinery as well as the presence of materials heated to extreme temperatures, we maintain a strict adherence to all relevant Health & Safety legislation. Nothing compares in importance to the health of our clients, our personnel, visitors to our sites and the general public in the immediate vicinity. From small-scale installations of tarmac driveways to large scale surface dressing and civil engineering work, as groundwork and driveway contractors, we apply the same dedication to safety on every project.


Below, we have highlighted some of the ways we create safe environments to work in, be it in Worthing or any of the surrounding areas.



Maintaining Safety at All Times


In our roles as safety-conscious groundwork and driveway contractors, Pegley Groundworks has structured our approach to safety in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. By doing so, we take every practical measure to ensure the wellbeing of our employees. In Section 2(3) of this legislation it states that employers must prepare, and update where required, a written statement of policy in respect to the following:


  1. The health and safety of employees at work.
  2. The organisation of, and arrangements for, putting the policy into practice.


Of primary importance here is ensuring that all employees understand our approach to Health & Safety. We use hot tar during the laying of tarmac driveways and in surface dressing work as well as machinery like bitumen sprayers and plant during civil engineering works. As such, we need to cover every eventuality that could arise while carrying out our services, from conducting oneself safely on sites in Worthing and beyond on a daily basis, to reacting in an emergency situation.


Whether operating as driveway contractors or groundwork contractors, each member of our team receives training in regard to our approach to Health & Safety, including the following:


  • A full understanding of who are the responsible parties for safety matters
  • Understanding where first aid facilities are stored and how to use relevant equipment


Our dedication to safety in the Worthing area also involves:


  • Using inherently safe equipment that has been correctly installed
  • Ensuring all staff have received adequate training before using any machinery
  • Organising first aid cover for each and every project
  • Ensuring the correct insurance coverage has been arranged for the work at hand


With these foundations in place, our team undertakes work in Worthing with total confidence. In complete understanding of emergency and fire procedures, first aid facilities and how to use them, risk assessment arrangement and so on, we can focus entirely on the work at hand.


This allows us, as driveway and groundwork contractors, to work on surface dressing, tarmac driveways and civil engineering without distraction. With Health & Safety measures as a second nature, we work toward nothing short of our expected outstanding results.


For the ultimate peace of mind, as respected groundwork contractors and driveway contractors, we continually revise and assess our Health & Safety policy in line with changes in legislation and laws.

To discuss safety-conscious groundworks, civil engineering, surface dressing and tarmac driveways in Worthing, call 01403 700754 or 07860 558199.

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