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Our team then fills the voids around this gap-graded skeleton with a mastic of fine aggregate, binder and filler that fully complies with BS EN 13108. With an ideal combination of a high stone content and an aggregate matrix with an open nature, the load of traffic transmits through the stone skeleton as opposed to the mortar.


Likewise, the predominantly sand-based bituminous mix of hot rolled asphalt (HRA) also provides a robust, long-lasting surface perfect for commercial and industrial projects including national roads. The high proportion of sand results in a low percentage of air voids after compacting. In turn, this helps to create the strong, impervious surface that HRA has become synonymous with.


When used on public roads in Horsham, or neighbouring locations like Guildford, Haywards Heath, Midhurst and Worthing, we apply high PSV chippings to the still-hot material before rolling them into the surface. This process forms a road with optimal skid-resistance.


In contrast, we utilise bituminous macadam (bitmac) on domestic projects such as laying driveways and forecourts. A mixture of filler, aggregate and bitumen, our team creates bitmac in open graded, medium or dense consistencies depending on the end application.


Our personnel initially lay sub-bases of 100 to 250mm, followed by a binder course with a depth of 50 to 100mm. Finally, we spread a surface course with a thickness of 20 to 40mm. The final measurements depend on the calculated traffic loads placed on the surface.


Regardless of the material, for smaller areas we carry out laying by hand. For larger projects, we operate two Bitelli pavers. The smaller machine caters for widths between 1.7 and 3.2 metres while the larger machine handles widths of 2.4 metres to 4.7 metres. When laid, we compact the surfacing materials with twin drum vibrating rollers and compactor plates.


To discuss options for your own surfacing project in West Sussex or Surrey, please contact us.



Surface Dressing Operations


Here at Pegley Groundworks, our surface dressing operations play a vital role in maintaining existing roadways, footpaths and driveways in Horsham and the neighbouring areas. When compared to other forms of maintenance, the process of surface dressing creates outstanding results with impressive cost-effectiveness.


We perform this service on surfaces that show signs of wear, when cracks start to appear and when skid resistance falls to an unacceptable level.


The work we carry out restores the surface and seals it in one procedure, not only reducing the likelihood of expensive repair projects in the near future, but also significantly extending its lifespan.


With a restored resistance to skidding, frost heave and water ingress, we improve surface resilience for years to come, giving property owners and local authorities in Horsham and the surrounding areas an impressive return on their investment.


Before starting on the surface dressing itself, we establish the needs of our clients first. This involves calculating the traffic demands that will be placed upon the surface in order to lay one with the relevant hardness. The results of these calculations also influence the size of chippings used as well as the rate of bitumen spread.


We provide an extensive selection of stone chippings for use in surface dressing, including:


  • White Gravel
  • Brown Gravel
  • Buff Gravel
  • Dark Grey Basalt
  • Pink Granite Basalt
  • Grey Granite
  • Red Quartzite
  • Grey Limestone


For the ultimate peace of mind, we ensure that finished surfaces in Horsham, Guildford, Haywards Heath, Midhurst, Worthing and beyond have no loose chippings.


With our reputation for providing 100% customer satisfaction, we sweep away any loose materials, leaving behind a mosaic of stones firmly embedded into the bitumen. For the perfect finishing touch, we provide a white lining and demarcation service.

To talk over your options for surfacing and surface dressing in the West Sussex & Surrey areas surrounding Horsham, call 01403 700 754 or 07860 558 199.

Surfacing & Surface Dressing in Horsham & the Neighbouring Areas

Pegley Groundworks Ltd carries out specialist surfacing and surface dressing services for clients in West Sussex and Surrey. Our team creates and maintains cost-effective footpaths, driveways and roads backed by over 50 years of trade and industry experience. In doing so, we play a vital role in turning private homeowners’ dreams into reality while also helping local authorities fulfil their obligations within the limit of set budgets. Whether in locations like Horsham, Guildford, Haywards Heath, Midhurst or Worthing, we have the expertise to tailor our approach and provide a bespoke service to suit any requirement.


From trimming edges and patching potholes to laying entirely new roadways, our surfacing and surface dressing options cover every aspect of preparation, construction and clean up for a seamless start-to finish service.



Surfacing Operations


When it comes to surfacing, the service that we provide for our clients in Horsham and the surrounding areas includes:


  • Full road construction including road base, binder course and surface course
  • Regulation and overlay of a new surface course on existing roads and car parks
  • Materials such as bituminous macadam, hot rolled asphalt and stone mastic asphalt


We tailor our approach to suit the needs of each client. For example, stone mastic asphalt (SMA) provides an ideal solution for commercial and industrial projects such as residential streets and public roadways. As a dense wearing course, SMA consists of coarse aggregate that interlocks to create a stone skeleton structure.

Driveway Contractors in Horsham
Driveway Contractors in Horsham