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Here at Pegley Groundworks Ltd, we firmly believe that we provide everything our Horsham clients look for in groundwork contractors and driveway contractors. From tried-and-tested civil engineering to robust yet appealing tarmac driveways, our personnel work to the very highest of standards in everything we do. A significant amount of the work we undertake comes from word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals, so we know that we’re hitting our targets for complete customer satisfaction with each and every job. If you’re considering a search for driveway contractors to undertake domestic work, or if you’re a local authority in need of surface dressing, read on to find out what makes Pegley Groundworks the trusted choice.


Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the more popular reasons why our clients in Horsham choose us as their driveway and groundwork contractors.



When it comes to services like civil engineering and surface dressing, our clients need to have a contractor that they know and trust for quality. Such work needs to achieve optimal results first time, every time. With a team that shares more than 50 years of trade and industry experience, as well as a track record for excellence stretching back to our inception as a company in 1979, Pegley Groundworks ticks every box.



While we place great value on the experience we hold as driveway contractors and groundwork contractors, we also pride ourselves on offering industry-leading accreditations that offer our clients the ultimate peace of mind. Our team has been trained to CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and National Road and Street Works levels. As such, we carry out any kind of civil engineering and surface dressing work in line with even the most demanding of standards.



The importance of installing an attractive, robust driveway cannot be overstated. Whether block paving or tarmac driveways, as the first and last thing visitors to your Horsham property see, the aesthetics of the installation has a huge impact on overall kerb appeal. What’s more, experienced driveway contractors like Pegley Groundworks ensure they complete every aspect of the installation with no compromise on quality. Cut-price or less experienced driveway contractors may cut corners, resulting in groundworks and tarmac driveways that soon subside and crack. This represents a false economy, as homeowners then need to carry out a repair service, or even start afresh, when they could have opted for quality the first time.



From roads to schools, and from hospitals to water supply, civil engineering covers more or less everything that has been built around us, usually the things we take for granted. As groundwork contractors, Pegley Groundworks provides essential services such as surface dressing, laying foundations for buildings and designing and installing drainage systems. The local authorities in Horsham behind these civil engineering projects work to tight budgets and timescales, so they need to be carried out smoothly and efficiently while maintaining the very highest standards of workmanship. With our experience and expertise, our team thrives in such conditions.

If you require more information on civil engineering, groundworks, tarmac driveways or surface dressing in Horsham, call 01403 700754 or 07860 558199.

Groundwork Contractors in Horsham
Groundwork Contractors in Horsham