From Tarmac Driveways to Surface Dressing in Guildford | Benefits of Our Services

As reputable groundwork contractors and surface dressing specialists, Pegley Groundworks Ltd provides a wide range of highly beneficial services. From the laying of tarmac driveways at domestic properties to civil engineering in the form of road surfacing for a local authority, our team has vast experience in projects large and small. Due to this scope in our work, we have taken a closer at some of the advantages our core services provide for clients in the Guildford area. Whether you require us as groundwork or driveway contractors, our blend of experience, training and workmanship always produces results that exceed expectations.


Below, our returning and new clients can find a brief overview of the benefits provided by some of our popular services. If you find the particular service and advantages you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01403 700754 or 07860 558199.



The Advantages of Our Core Services



Sometimes known as “tar and chipping”, surface dressing offers domestic and commercial clients, as well as local authorities, a cost-effective solution to maintain worn or damaged surfaces. Most commonly undertaken on driveways, footpaths and roads, surface dressing repairs and seals the surface at hand in one simple procedure. This not only reduces the chances of costly repair work in the future, it also helps to extend the life of the surfaces like tarmac driveways and public roadways too.


This cost-effectiveness plays a vital role in allowing our clients to meet their own strict budgets. This remains particularly important for local authorities such as those in Guildford who have a huge number of surfaces to maintain.


Further benefits of surface dressing include, the resorting of skid resistance, the fixing of dangerous pot holes and eliminating the need for a brand-new surface installation with the potential for long-term disruption.



When it comes to the advantages of our civil engineering services in Guildford, we focus on the reliability and peace of mind that we offer. Local authorities in need of civil engineering need to feel confident in their choice of contractor. Not only do they work to tight budgets and timescales, they also need to minimise disruption for the general public. As such, it makes sense to focus on groundwork contractors with impressive experience and industry-leading accreditation.


Here at Pegley Groundworks, our team shares over half-a-century of trade and industry experience. During this time, we have undertaken an array of civil engineering projects, from laying new roads to designing and installing drainage systems. As groundwork contractors, we have also undergone training to the very highest of standards including CSCS and National Road and Street Works levels. Quite simply, when it comes to civil engineering in Guildford, we offer the ideal combination of expertise and experience.



In our position as locally trusted driveway contractors, Pegley Groundworks lays a complete range of driveways to suit any taste and requirement. Our range includes, block paving, macadam, gravel, asphalt and tarmac driveways. The primary benefit of the services we provide as driveway contractors remains quality of workmanship.


Despite their prominence at the front of properties in Guildford, some homeowners still opt for cut price block paving and tarmac driveways. These invariably fail within a few years, whether through poor groundworks or an inferior laying of materials. Quite simply, for driveways that last long into the future, and for the maximum return on an investment, experienced, proven driveway contractors like Pegley Groundworks always represent the most beneficial of services.

For more details on the services we provide as driveway contractors, groundwork contractors and surface dressing specialists in Guildford, call 01403 700754 or 07860 558199.

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