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Driveway Contractors in Horsham & the Surrounding Areas

Here at Pegley Groundworks, our team shares more than 50 years of experience as driveway contractors. The know-how and expertise we have accumulated during this time gives us an insight and ability in laying driveways that other companies simply cannot match. From gravel to tarmac driveways, we tailor our approach to suit the needs of each individual client. Operating out of Wisborough Green, we cover the surrounding areas within a 20-mile radius including neighbouring Horsham, Guildford, Haywards Heath, Midhurst and Worthing.


As driveway contractors, we lay the following:


  • Block Paving Driveways
  • Tarmac Driveways
  • Gravel Driveways
  • Asphalt Driveways
  • Macadam Driveways


Please contact us for more information regarding any of these driveways or to schedule an initial consultation.

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A Closer Look at Our Driveways


For the convenience of our clients in Horsham and the neighbouring West Sussex and Surrey areas, we have outlined below what they can expect from each of our driveway options.



As time-served driveway contractors, we lay block paving driveways in a variety of ways. From practical expansions of parking spaces in front of residential homes to long, sweeping driveways leading towards commercial properties, we offer stunning solutions in a range of colours, shapes and materials.


With options that include concrete, brick and natural stone, block paving driveways offer a truly bespoke option.


The success of our block paving driveways can be attributed to the initial groundworks. Our driveway contractors dig out and stone up to a thickness anywhere between 4 and 8 inches. The final amount depends on the soil type at the site in Horsham or the surrounding areas. Following this, we then apply and compact type 1 hardcore before laying the individual blocks themselves.



In recent years, tarmac driveways have advanced well beyond their old reputation as featureless, dull installations to become an increasingly popular, cost-effective solution. Available in traditional black or red, and with a choice of attractive edging options, the tarmac driveways laid by Pegley Groundworks produce incredibly durable and valuable additions to properties throughout West Sussex and Surrey.


In order to create superior tarmac driveways, we follow the same groundwork process as used with block paving. We then heat DVM bitumen to a maximum temperature of 500C before applying it in two layers. The first layer, or base course, has a thickness of approximately 50mm. The second layer, or top course, measures in at approximately 25mm.



As a truly versatile material, gravel works just as well on a domestic driveway as it does on the forecourt of a commercial property. As customer-focused driveway contractors, we offer gravel in a variety of colour and textures to suit any stylistic taste. Following straightforward gravel-stabilising groundwork, our team lays this material with a quick turnaround, offering our customers in Horsham and the surrounding areas a hassle-free installation.


For environmentally-conscious property owners in Guildford, Haywards Heath, Midhurst, Worthing and beyond, gravel driveways offer additional benefits. Due to the porous, permeable nature of these driveways, rainwater soaks straight into the ground, replenishing the water table, rather than simply running off into drains.



Much like tarmac driveways, asphalt alternatives offer property owners a cost-effective solution with an array of benefits. Not only are asphalt driveways compatible with most budgets, the installation process remains swift and simple. Following the same groundwork procedure as block paving and tarmac driveways, our team applies a layer of hot asphalt to a thickness of approximately 50 to 75mm before compacting it down.


The blacktop surface consists of sand, rock and asphalt cement. These components create a flexible material with a notable resistance to cracking. This proves to be a particularly valuable feature for areas with frequent freeze-thaw cycles.


In our role as driveway contractors, we recommend that our clients thoroughly clean their asphalt driveways at least two times a year as well as sealing them every 2 to 5 years. These simple maintenance procedures ensure ongoing optimal performance and increase the lifespan of the material itself.



When it comes to Macadam driveways in Horsham and across West Sussex and Surrey, our clients should be aware of two important points. Firstly, the term ‘macadam’ doesn’t refer to the material, but rather the process used in its laying. The material itself consists of a binding agent and aggregate layers of stone. A newer term for the process, ‘tar and chip’, may also be known.


Secondly, the laying of premium-quality macadam driveways has become somewhat of a dying art. As with any form of driveway, we recommend the use of highly experienced driveway contractors. When it comes to macadam surfaces, Pegley Groundworks has been producing outstanding results since 1979.


Following the creation of a level foundation, as with block paving, asphalt and tarmac driveways, we then spread a layer of gravel. On top of this, we lay hot tar which acts as the binding agent. We then toss a selection of stones over the tar and compress everything together, ensuring the stones fully embed into surface, maintaining its flat level.

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Driveway Contractors in Horsham
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Driveway Contractors in Haywards Heath
Driveway Contractors in Horsham
Civil Engineering in Worthing
Surface Dressing in Worthing
Driveway Contractors in Haywards Heath